Many mortals seeking to slow down or stop the aging process seek the rare sun orchid elixir, a draught of which pauses the imbiber's age for a few years' time, without the perverted, undead side-effects of using magic for the same purposes. Vanity seekers go to nearly any length to acquire the elixir. Much of Thuvia's economy is centered on the production of the elixir, however the use of the elixir is outlawed within Thuvia (with the exception of the formula's creator). Each vial requires six mature sun orchids and one month to ferment, although the exact formula used is a closely guarded state secret. Only six vials are produced each year. The vials sell for about 20,000 gp each.[1]

Artokus Kirran formulated sun orchid elixir in 1140 AR.[2]