The Steps of the Agate King is a massive pyramid located within the depths of the Sparadyn Jungle in central Katapesh. The pyramid lists gently to the west having sunk into the earth, the pyramid itself is made of large blocks streaked with red and golden agate which make the pyramid dazzling to look upon. It is generally accepted by all the citizens of Katapesh (despite lack of scholarly evidence) that the Steps of the Agate King bar the way to the underground tomb of the legendary Agate King. People also accept that when buried he took all the trappings of life with him and that somewhere buried beneath is a kings fortune. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that while there is an underground section to the site it lies completely empty, perhaps stripped bare of its former wealth or perhaps it never had any in the first place. Regardless every year a few hardy souls visit the Steps of the Agate King desperately looking for the rumoured treasure filled tomb layer.[1]