Nation Numeria
Population 32,400

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 115
This is an article on the city of Starfall. For information on the fall of the Starstone, please see Earthfall.

Starfall is a city just as brutal and as harsh, as the unforgiving Numerian land that it is capital of. The place is a mockery of the soft capitals of the south with a level of decadence which would put even Taldor to shame. This decadence is surrounded by the filthy reek of human misery. Here the Black Sovereign rules utterly unchallenged, his ever whim catered for, while the rest of city suffers under his harsh rule. The only people who benefit are those who help the court of the Black Sovereign indulge in their carnal decadence, while everyone else in Starfall suffers to help support their ruler. Despite this his rule is absolute and his metal servants the Gearsman roam the city enforcing his laws.

History[edit | edit source]

Starfall was only made into the capital of Numeria when it was conquered by Kevoth-Kol now known as the Black Sovereign. He conquered Starfall with the aim of making it the crown jewel in his united Numeria. Many believed Kevoth would expand the current borders of Numeria conquering all before him and forging a new empire but the city of Starfall proved to be his undoing. With the City conquered Kevoth-Kul began listening to the words of the tainted arcanists of the Technic League who held much influence in Starfall. Their honeyed words and the strange substance concocted from substances found in the depths of the Silver Mount began to have a profound effect on him. Kevoth's moods darkened and his aims turned from conquest to indulging in every pleasure of the flesh imaginable, with these changes he took on the title of the Black Sovereign and began reworking his capital to better suit his desires.[1]

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