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Spell Lord is an official title within the government of the city of Absalom. Held exclusively by powerful arcane spellcasters, spell lords are appointed by the primarch, and are tasked with overseeing the institutions of magical instruction within the city,[1] regulating the casting of all spells,[2] and overseeing the magical defense of the city.[3] They work outside the structure of the Grand Council of Absalom or the district councils, reporting directly to the Primarch.[4] There are currently four Spell Lords within the city, each with his or her own duties.

First spell lord[]

Lord Gyr holds the title of first spell lord, rather than the traditional sea lord title of the primarch.[5][6] The first spell lord is tasked with overseeing all centers of magical learning within the city.[1]

Second spell lord[]

The second spell lord is tasked with the magical defense of the city, and as such, has significant military powers.[3] Lady Darchana of House Madinani, Archdean of the Arcanamirium, currently holds this title.[6]

Third spell lord[]

Utgar of Gyr, who resides in Azlanti Keep, holds the title of third spell lord.[7]

Fourth spell lord[]

Muar Gauthfolow is the current fourth spell lord.[4]

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