Soulbound doll
Type Construct
CR 2
Environment Any

Source: Pathfinder 7: Edge of Anarchy, pg(s). 84-85

Soulbound dolls are sentient constructs imbued with a fragment from a living, or recently living, creature's soul upon their creation. These dolls posses none of the memories of the creature from which their soul fragment is drawn, but do retain and exhibit a limited measure of that creature's personality.[1]

Appearance Edit

Soulbound dolls can be constructed from many different materials, and as a result vary widely in general appearance. Most bear an item of value, always of exceptional craftsmanship, and a given doll is often crafted to resemble a form that holds significant meaning to its creator.[1]

Abilities Edit

Though slight of frame and strength, soulbound dolls possess various abilities that are as different from one another as their physical appearance. These abilities usually take he form of a deceptive, mental assault, though some examples have been known to inflict direct physical harm.[2]

Ecology Edit

Soulbound dolls are totally subservient and loyal to their masters. They have a tendency to exhibit behavior similar to that of the creature from which their soul fragment was drawn, yet usually have no knowledge of why they act in such ways.[1]

Known Soulbound Dolls Edit

The knowledge necessary to create soulbound dolls appears to have developed in many different regions of Golarion.[1]

Mwangi fetish dolls 
Typically constructed of wood, these dolls often serve as guardians to the peoples of the Mwangi Expanse.[1]
Pestico’s daughters 
Treated as daughters by their creator, the doll maker Vadid Pestico, these constructs are generally known for their manners and good behavior.[1]
Terra cotta guardians 
Discovered in the land of Tian Xia, these small warriors protect the tomb of their creator. Wu Zhan Yu, leader of the construct army, willingly answers questions but refuses to grant visitors passage into its master's sepulcher.[1]

References Edit

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