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Titles Stormhaven of Osirion
Nation Osirion
Size Metropolis
Population 111,989
Demographics 98% Human, 2% other
Government Conventional (dynastic king with council)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Ruby Prince Khemet III

Source: Entombed with the Pharaohs, pg(s). 3

The capitol city of Sothis is located at the mouth of the River Sphinx, and is the largest, and most prosperous city in the kingdom of Osirion. The city is built around the molted husk of Ulunat, a colossal beetle that was one of the spawn of Rovagug. It was also the seat of ancient Osirion before the millennia of Keleshite rule.[1]


Sothis is built a dozen miles from the River Sphinx in the eastern deserts of Osirion, and was largely dependent on oases for water until the construction of the Crimson Canal, which allows the shipping directly into central Sothis and the devotion of the River Sphinx to agriculture. [2] Sothis began as a series of tribal settlements around the husk of Ulunat, which became the Black Dome, due to the natural springs and the shell's shelter from the khamsin winds.[3] Since multiple locks branch away from the main canal and traffic is observed and regulated from the canal's only island, the Eye of Sothis, there is less congestion than is common in other major ports.[2] Sothis's skyline is dominated by the massive Black Dome, which houses the Palace of the Forthbringer and the Council of Sun and Sky. [4] Malhitu Bazaar takes up much of the southeastern sector. [5] The Necropolis of the Faithful is situated on the western bank of the Crimson Canal, expanding out from the original grounds of Pharasma's temple.[6] There is a Pathfinder lodge in the city.[7]


The most prominent temples of Sothis are the High Temple of Pharasma at the Necropolis of the Faithful, the grand temple of Nethys and Azghaad's Spire opposite Pharasma's temple, and the Temple of the Eternal Sun. The center of the cult of Norgorber in Osirion is a hidden, grand temple on the southern end of the Eye of Sothis, and the faith maintains a small temple at the southern end of the Malhitu Bazaar.[2]


Cities of Osirion

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