Countess Solismina Venacdahlia
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Ustalav
Born 4618 AR

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 143

The countess of Ardeal, Solismina Venacdahlia sees herself and her family as the truest embodiment of the Ustalavic tradition and at ninety years of age is stubbornly set in her beliefs. Solismina has not dealt well with the Eunuch Prince moving the capital of Ustalav away from her home city of Ardis to distant Caliphas despite this happening over thirty years ago in 4674 AR. Solismina clings to the heritage of Ardeal almost as tenaciously as she clings to life much to the chagrin of her ambitious daughters Lasara, Radania, Opaline and Floraima.[1]