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Titles The Silken Sin
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio perversion
Worshipers perverts
sexual criminals
debauched cultists
Cleric Alignments
Domains Charm, Chaos, Evil, Travel
Favored Weapon quarterstaff

Brother of the demon lord Nocticula, Socothbenoth (pronounced so-KOTH-beh-noth)[1] is the patron of sexual and other hedonistic gratification.


Socothbenoth can shift his form to satisfy any particular desire, although his true form seems to be that of a slender, attractive man with ebony eyes, long hair, elongated ears, and countless piercings throughout his flesh.[2]

Relations with Others[]

As a demon lord of perverse desires it is no surprise that Socothbenoth has bedded countless lovers (some would say victims) during his existence. What is surprising is the calibre of some of his conquests. He is a frequent and incestuous lover of Nocticula, his own sister.[2] He has even been lover to a god, supposedly having several dalliances with Lamashtu herself and even fathering (doubtlessly monstrous) children with her.[3]

Cults and Worshipers[]

Socothbenoth appeals to deviants of all kinds, although his own tastes run toward the most violent or debauched varieties, as do many of his followers.[2] His cults are popular among the drow of the Darklands, his most powerful drow worshippers being those of House Sardavic[4]. He is also worshipped by the degenerate race of lamyros, who revere both him and his sister Nocticula.[5]. He has a strong human following in Versex, a county of Ustalav. There he is held in high esteem by the depraved nobles of the city of Karcau.[2] Those who wholly devote themselves as initiates to the Silken Sin are rumored to be able to easily change their form, like their master, and cast enchantment spells which prove hard to resist.[6] He is known to lair within his Abyssal realm, called the Cathedral Thelemic, a hidden city devoted to deviant pursuits.[7]


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