Smoke haunt
Type Undead
CR 4
Environment Cold forests and Mountains

Source: Pathfinder 3: the Hook Mountain Massacre, pg(s). 81

A smoke haunt is a traveler's worst nightmare, hiding in the comforting warmth of a fire and slowly sucking the heat and life out of its unsuspecting victims.


Smoke haunts appear as a skull wreathed in flames and dark smoke. They are rarely seen like this as they prefer to nestle unseen into the embers of a campfire as they drain the heat of their latest victims.[1]

Habitat and EcologyEdit

Smoke haunts tend to reside on lonely, cold, desolate stretches of wilderness as it is here they are spawned. They are created when a lost traveller dies, despairing and alone, of exposure to the cold. As undead they have no place in the natural order. They hate all other creature including other smoke haunts which is why they are always encountered alone.[1]


Smoke haunts absorb the life out of their victims without them even noticing.
Smoke Patterns 
The smoke exuded by the smoke haunt creates strange and alluring patterns that befuddle and distract anyone who looks at it.[1]