Nation Brevoy
Population 6,590

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 62

The city of Skywatch grew up around a massive observatory high in the Icerime Peaks on Brevoy's eastern border.[1]


The observatory is older than any known settlement in the region, and its origins remain a mystery. The ancient structure was obviously built to accommodate beings much larger than humans, and it has been preserved through the ages by powerful magic.[1]

Early HistoryEdit

The city of Skywatch began as a simple outpost, built by House Surtova, to study the observatory, during the early years of Issia's history. This fortification was overtaken by the Aldori during Issia's constant war with neighboring Rostland, and it served as an Aldori stronghold even after Choral the Conqueror brought both nations to their knees and united them under his rule.[1]


A few years later, however, Choral and his red dragon allies put an end to the Aldori separatists at Skywatch, burning the fortress to the ground. Choral, and later House Rogarvia, excavated and researched the mysterious observatory after the Aldori defeat, and built the modern city of Skywatch atop the original settlement's burnt ruins.[1]

Recent HistoryEdit

Strangely, on the same day in 4699 AR that every member of House Rogarvia disappeared, Skywatch sealed itself off from all outsiders, including supply caravans. Since that day, no message sent to Skywatch has received a response and even powerful divination magic fails to penetrate the city's ancient walls.[1]

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