Metals from distant planets and fallen stars are known as "skymetal". These metals are extremely rare and very expensive such that the impact of an asteroid can cause "gold rush" style events. There are seven known skymetals, each with its own particular properties.[1]

Types of SkymetalEdit

Abysium is a blue-green stone that glows and has a great deal of energy to be found within it. It also sickens those who spend time around it.[2] Abysium is rumored to have certain mystical properties, as portals to the realm known as the Dark Tapestry made of the toxic metal have been found in ancient caves below Absalom.[3]
Adamantine is the most common of the incredibly rare skymetals. It is sometimes known as "Numerian steel" after the land where the largest known deposits are found. It is so tough that it often survives the brutal entry through Golarion's atmosphere.[1] Weapons made of adamantine are incredibly hard and durable, able to cut through almost any material with ease. It is also often fashioned into incredibly dense, protective armor.[4]
Djezet is a rust-red metal only found in a liquid state, no matter what the temperature. It is supposed to enhance the power of certain spells and the potency of magic items constructed with it.[2]
Horacalcum is the rarest of skymetals, a metal that is said to bend time around it.[2]
Inubrix is said to be able to pass through objects, to phase out of reality.[2]
Noqual is one of the rarer types of skymetal and has magic resistant properties. It appears to be a pale green crystal but can be forged like iron. It has half the weight of iron yet is just as strong.[5]
A bright silver metal, siccatite is found to be either very cold or very hot. It is unclear if this is really two separate metals or just two states of the same metal.[2]

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