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Skull's Crossing is the name of the massive arch dam that holds back the water of the Storval Deep, releasing a steady stream into the Skull River.[1] Located in central Varisia it is an ancient ruin from the Thassilonian era over 10,000 years ago.[2]


Skull's Crossing was the final great work of engineering completed by the enslaved giants of the runelord Karzoug. Most of the stone quarried to build the many monuments and cities all over the Thassilonian empire was taken from a single gigantic quarry on what is now the Storval Plateau. When this source was finally played out, Karzoug decided to do away with such a hideous eyesore, and had the dam built. That way the water of the river would cover the huge empty hole, and ordered that the dam be decorated by one of his favorite symbols, the human skull.[2]

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