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Type Ooze
CR CR 15
Environment Any
Alignment Chaotic neutral

Source: Crucible of Chaos, pg(s). 29-31

Shoggoth are said to have been around for eons. Legends also claim that, when compared to any other oozes, shoggoth have much greater wisdom. Shoggoth were once the servants of an even more ancient race, the elder things, but cast off their masters after eons of evolution endowed them with a sort of half-sentience. They appear in many elements of the Lovecraftian Mythos, playing a central role in the novel "At the Mountains of Madness", and speculated to be behind the effects observed in "The Colour Out of Space".[1]


Shoggoth have no distinct form. They change it to fit the situation as need be, having arms, tentacles, or any other form that might help them to catch and consume their food. Their flesh is mostly black, tarlike in consistency, and sometimes translucent, giving off a very faint luminescence. Shoggoth have no permanent mouth or eyes, but can create and absorb them as needed. They are widely considered one of the more frightening entities in the Lovecraft Mythos, exuding a very primordial malignancy in the human mind.[1]

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