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Type Outsider
(div, evil, extraplanar)
CR CR 10
Environment Abaddon

Source: The Jackal's Price, pg(s). 78-79

The shir are a fearsome type of div that revel in the joy of the hunt and in tearing their living prey limb from limb. They hunt only the most canny of foes as anything else is a waste of their exceptional talent.


A shir resembles a ten foot tall, powerfully muscled, anthropomorphic lioness. Their head looks like a lioness', the only difference being its eyes which are pits of seething darkness that hint at its malicious intelligence. A shir's fur is normally either grey, light brown, or somewhere in between. Regardless of colour it always sheds a cloud of irritating dust. Despite weighing over a thousand pounds a shir moves with the agility and silence of a hunting house cat.[1][2]

Habitat & Ecology[]

Shir, like all div, originate from the harsh wastelands of Abaddon, though unlike most div they do not feel at home here as it lacks their favourite prey, sentient humanoids. They are gifted with keen senses, physical power, and tremendous speed making them formidable hunters and unstoppable assassins. As a result shir spend most of their time on Abaddon trying desperately to get to the Material Plane. While they prefer using gates or planar portals they often try to persuade or corrupt mortal spellcasters into summoning them. When released on the Material Plane shir become living blights upon the land, hunting anyone they come across. Like all div they posses an exploitable weakness. The shir's weakness is their unwillingness to go for an easy kill. Shir prefer to torment and play with their food, revelling in the thrill of the hunt, so much so that if attacking a group they will normally go for the most powerful member. Their ecology is interesting as they are not born but emerge fully formed from the jungles of Abaddon. The only time this "birthing" happens is when another shir is killed making the shir race effectively impossible to exterminate but also unable to breed greater numbers. Shir are generally solitary creatures although one notable exception is the group known as Dami-Anaeshem[2]


Whenever a shir hits with its most damaging attacks it drains the victim's very life essence from him. A shir's pelt is filled with dust and when hit with a damaging physical attack this dust sloughs off in blinding cloud. If a shir can hit its victim with both of its claws the shir can tear at the victims flesh with devastating effect.[1]


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