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A clutch of chokers surround their prey in the Shingles

The area known as the Shingles is a relatively new addition to Korvosa's skyline. It has been created over the last few decades when urban renewal projects pushed most of the cities poor into the area known as Bridgefront, located in Old Korvosa. Styled after similar structures in Kaer Maga, the Shingles are built upward towards the sky, their foundations on the roofs of other buildings. Most homes in the Shingles are shacks and lean-tos that create an impromptu third story on many of the ward's buildings and as much as five stories on some others. Some of Korvosa's poorest and most desperate citizens reside in the shacks above the city streets.

While the majority of these rooftop homes can be found in the Bridgefront section of Old Korvosa, over time other structures and settlements have been built through out the most crowded parts of the city. No accurate map of these areas exist as the neighborhood by definition is in a constant state of change. Imps, stirges, large spiders, and creatures known as chokers prowl the roof top settlements. A popular threat against unruly children by mothers in the Shingles is "If you don't behave a choker might yank you out of your bed." The practice is not entirely unheard of.

Shingle Running is a popular sport among the more daring of the Shingles residents.[1]