Shimye-Magalla is a janiform amalgam of Desna and Gozreh worshiped by the Bonuwat tribe of Mwangi.

The Bonuwat, being salors and fishermen, recognize the capriciousness of the sea in Gozreh's female form, but they also see in her an aspect of Desna: the love of freedom, travel, and the stars by which the Bonuwat navigate.  The Bonuwats' reliance on both sea and stars is reflected in this combined figure of Shimye-Magalla.  The mythology of this being appears to have developed almong the Bonuwat independent of any influence from colonists.  Priests of Desna and Gozreh have attempted to gain more information (or make some seemingly easy conversions) but are almost always politely and firmly turned away.  However Shimye-Magalla developed, the Bonuwat people seem to genuinely benefit from their worship.  Many of the big questions, however, such as who's actually granting spells to the goddess's adherents -- continue to go unanswered by outsiders.[1][2]


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