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Titles The Blood Marquis
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio murder
Worshipers apathetic young nobles
psychopaths, such as insane surgeons and serial killers
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery
Favored Weapon dagger

The demon lord Shax (pronounced SHAX)[1] revels in acts of sadistic torture and bloody murder.


Shax has a statuesque human torso and is always bedecked with knives, razors, and other bloody implements of torture. Shax's most abnormal feature is the dove's head that sits atop his muscular neck. Shax has the unnervingly dark emotionless eyes of a psychopath and has a blood-covered beak which he uses to eat the eyes of his victims. Shax's legs are also bird-like, not just his head, giving him a strange hybrid appearance.[2]

Cult & Worshippers[]

Shax does not really have any sort of organised church thanks to the deranged nature of most of his worshipers - his cultists are generally deranged killers. Some of these monstrous sadists are not insane loners but the corrupted scions of decadent noble houses, led through hedonism and cruelty to kidnap the poor and unfortunate and enact Shax's bloody will upon them.[3] As well as lone, surface-dwelling psychopaths, in the depths of the Darklands Shax is worshipped by the drow of House Vexidyre, who serve as deadly controllers of Zirnakaynin's markets.[4] Shax is said to dwell in the Abyssal realm of Charnelhome[5], which is supposed to resemble a realm of endless rooms, each filled with horrific torture implements.[3]


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