Region River Kingdoms
Size Large Town
Population 4,340
Demographics Human 88%, fey 5%, gnome 4%, halfling 2%, other 1%
Government Mayor and druidic oligarchy
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Mayor Esmet Silkenlock

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 47-49

Sevenarches is a town in the southwestern River Kingdoms built around seven stone arches which are scattered around the settlement. These are an ancient site, sacred to the elves. Sevenarches has not been in elven hands for millennia, ever since they left Golarion for the safety of Sovyrian; since then, Sevenarches has been under the rule of the Oakstewards. The Oakstewards are very selective about whom they let approach the community, banning elves and outsiders from approaching, as Sevenarches guards a rift to the First World of the fey. As a result of the rift, followers of the Green Faith are extremely common. Sevenarches is also home to a wide variety of fey and many treants, some of whom live in the city, while others are simply passing through. Rumor has it that the arches for which the town is named once served as portals to other worlds, perhaps functioning like more powerful elf gates. Kyonin has shown great interest in reclaiming this ancient site, but the Oakstewards refuse any elf entry into Sevenarches. While this problem has yet to come to a head, there are rumours that some elves have been considering radical solutions to get rid of the human rulers of the town.[1]


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