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Sepid div.jpg
Type Outsider
(div, evil, extraplanar)
CR CR 14
Environment Abaddon
Alignment Neutral evil

Source: The Impossible Eye, pg(s). 84-85

Sepids are a particularly brutal type of div. They are often immensely powerful and are considered brutal tyrants even on their hellish home plane of Abaddon.[1]


Sepids have a gigantic humanoid frame. They stand eleven feet tall and are heavily muscled. Their skin, calloused and covered in spines and spikes, is typically alabaster in color. A sepid's face is fiendish, with a head ringed with a crown of four horns, curved like meat hooks, and a mouth full of sharp, filed teeth. The eyes contain no iris or pupil, giving them a particularly unnerving gaze.[1]

Ecology & Habitat[]

Sepids originate in the depths of Abaddon, generally inhabiting ash-choked fortresses, slime-coated towers, and similarly intimidating real estate.

When on the Material Plane, sepids favor deep caves and abandoned fortresses or castles, especially those tinged with notoriety.

An angry sepid is a force to be reckoned with. Sepids are not only gifted with a powerful physique and martial abilities, but are also capable spell casters with the ability to rain down a hail of debris on opponents.[1]


Among other div on Abaddon, sepids act like tyrannical warlords, bullying lesser div into obedience. Because of their natural talents, sepids are often employed by more powerful fiends, who use them as generals or warlords.

On Golarion, sepids use their skills in much the same way they do on Abaddon, bullying nearby communities into obedience. Typically, a sepid will demand a regular sacrifice from a weaker community, gradually increasing the size of the sacrifice until the community itself is destroyed. They have also gained a reputation for kidnapping, targeting poorly-guarded, beautiful women. In reality, kidnapping is the last resort for a sepid; it would rather trick or parlay a paramour into agreeing to come with it and will use force only if all else fails.

The great weakness of sepids is a love of deceit. Because they adore breaking their word, they are reliably treacherous creatures. If a sepid gives a person two options, it is guaranteed that it will do the opposite of the option the person chose. This predictability can be manipulated, much to the annoyance of the sepid.[1]


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