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Sekamina (pronounced seh-kah-MY-nah)[1] is the middle realm of the Darklands, deeper than shallow tunnels of Nar-Voth and more well-known than deep Orv.[2] This region consists of vast and seemingly unending underground caverns and tunnels that span continents. Found here are massive chambers, great underground rivers, and almost unfathomable lakes. Most of the entrances to Sekamina require traveling through Nar-Voth first, but there are a few deviations to this. Sekamina starts at a depth of approximately 2,000 feet and extends to about 8,000 feet.[3]


While the greatest denizens of Sekamina are now the drow, at one time the serpentfolk were the primary race that settled the region. These former servants of Ydersius had withdrawn from the surface world due to their war with Azlant and established great underground cities. Here they hibernated for several millennia, during which time other races began to inhabit Sekamina. The drow settled here prior to Earthfall, choosing to remain on Golarion rather than travel to Sovyrian. Sekamina was mostly spared from the destruction wrought by the fall of the Starstone, unlike the caverns of Nar-Voth above.[3]


Places of Interest[]

  • The Carrion Falls
  • The Endless Gulf
  • The Flume Warrens
  • The Garden of Nyl
  • Harrowspire
  • Lake Nirthran
  • The Pallid Pits
  • Sverenagati
  • Ulat-Kini

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