Scanderig (forgefiend)
Type Outsider
CR 10
Environment any underground

Source: Pathfinder 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg(s). 86-87

Scanderigs or forgefiends as they are generally known, are creatures from the Elemental Plane of Earth who come to Golarion to feed their insatiable hunger for metallic ores of all kinds. Because of this they are particularly dreaded by the dwarves.[1]


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Habitat & EcologyEdit

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Adamantine Bite 
A scanderig's jaws are made of a substance as hard as adamantine, allowing it to cut easily through the hardest ores. In combat it has been known to chew through an opponent's armor as if it were tissue paper.
Earth Glide 
As most natives of its plane of origin, a scanderig can glide through rock and earth as easily as a fish through water, leaving no discernible trail or tunnel behind.
Searing Spew 
When threatened, a scanderig can project a heap of red-hot slag from its mouth.
See in Darkness 
Forgefiends can see through any type of darkness, both magical and mundane.[1]


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