A boar the same size as a small canine, the size of the Sargavan boar enables them to hide in the underbrush of the jungles and veldts in the Mwangi Expanse, the Screaming Jungle and tropical, jungle-like forests south of Desperation Bay. The boars main defenses are its loud, earsplitting squeal it emits when threatened, and its dangerous tusks.[1]

These boars are used as meat for both the tribes and Cheliax settlers of the Mwangi Expanse. The native tribes think of the boar as animal guardians over the souls of those men who have fallen in the Screaming Jungle. This means that the animal is considered sacred, and only eaten when no other meat is available. The new colonists do not share this view of the boar's spiritual place in Golarion, causing yet another sore point between the tribes and the colonists.[1]

Despite the increased amount of mouths eating boar flesh, their numbers have actually increased since the Chelish began to settle, for they quickly adapted to having the colonists' planted crops around, using them as a sure use of roots for food, allowing them tho breed quickly.[1]