The Sanos Forest of central Varisia is the heart of the gnome community of that land. This large wood is located north of the Yondabakari River, south of the Iron Peaks and east of the Malgorian Mountains, and the gnomes who live there are quite secretive about what goes on within it. Rumor has it that there is a direct gate to the First World of the Fey, but no gnome has officially confirmed this.[1]

Places of InterestEdit

  • Old Sanos Trail: This forest path winds through the Sanos connecting many of the gnome communities, and eventually leading to the human town of Turtleback Ferry. Some say that the trail will magically change its path in order to redirect those who come with ill intent towards the gnomes.[2]
  • Sipplerose: A gnome community in the Sanos Forest, known to be the home of the Lyrakien Novi.[3]