Sandpoint Devil
Sandpoint devil
Type Outsider
CR 8
Environment coastal

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 94-95

A thing of legend, the Sandpoint devil is a horrific beast said to stalk the western coast of Varisia near the town of Sandpoint. Rumored to have been birthed by a woman cursed by Lamashtu, the Sandpoint devil is one of the most famous local legends. Despite long-standing rewards for its capture, it has never been caught. When hunters and travelers go missing along the Lost Coast, chances are you'll hear tell that the Sandpoint devil got them.[1]


Descriptions of the creature vary widely due to the fact that it only appears on nights when thick fog rolls in from the Varisian Gulf. It is generally thought to look like a nearly skeletal horse with bat wings, stunted forelegs, a lizard-like tail and a jaw filled with sharp teeth. Its powerful hind legs allow it to walk upright like a man.[2]


The devil's maddening scream has been known to strike terror into even the stoutest of hearts.
Hellfire Breath 
The creature can exhale large gouts of sulfur-tainted fire, burning all who would dare harm it.[2]

Ecology & HabitatEdit

The Sandpoint devil is said to make its home in or near the Devil's Platter on Varisia's Lost Coast. Judging from the charred and half-eaten carcasses it leaves behind, it prefers the taste of meat. Although it had been known to attack people, it generally restricts itself to hunting wild game, or devouring helpless livestock, much to the consternation of local farmers.[2]