The Ruins of Kho were once a Shory flying city named Kho,[1] and some tales even claim it was the first of its kind.[2] Located in the Kho-Rarne Pass of the Barrier Wall Mountains between the Mwangi Expanse and Osirion, the former capital of the Shory fell to earth millennia ago and now lies half buried.[3]


Kho was once a true wonder to behold, held aloft by magical engines which carried it through the stratosphere. Steered by the whim of the Shory, the city was a utopian blending of science and magic. It is unknown what caused the city's final demise, although some blame its destruction on the rampages of the god Rovagug's greatest spawn, the Tarrasque. Whatever the truth might be, the city came crashing down into the Barrier Wall Mountains, finally coming to rest on its side in a narrow canyon. The few survivors quickly fled into the jungle and quickly died out, taking the mysteries of their mystical homeland to their graves.[3]

==The Ruins Today==

Today it is a strange and disturbing place which howls with the dying sputters of unknown magics. Those Mwangi spellcasters who possess the ability to tap into the latent spiritual energies of Mwangi ruins say that the Ruins of Kho are the most potent of all the Expanse's many ruins.[4] Most people who seek to plunder the ruins do not survive the attempt and those who do return from Kho are plagued by bad luck, most dying within a couple of years.[5]

Several Uomoto villages can be found near the ruins, their inhabitants nearly indistinguishable from the other lowland Mwangi tribes. The unusually high percentage of adepts and sorcerers claim their powers come from the ruined city. Although approaching Kho carries a high cultural taboo for these people, they can occasionally be convinced to lead strangers there.[3]

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