Presumably named after the magus who first created it, a rod of Malrion has its origins in the Thassilonian Realm of Wrath, Bakrakhan. Made of white oak and sheathed in rune-engraved steel, they are approximately 14 inches in length. The wood always appears to have been burnt on both ends, as if it had been collected after a forest fire. Once per day the user of the rod has the ability to create four walls of fire which duplicate the spell of the same name. As the spell, the user determines whether the heat of the fire radiates on the in- or outside, and how far from the target the walls appear. If the walls appear within ten feet of the target, he or she takes tremendous heat damage, but if farther way, the target does not. Crossing through a wall of fire is always damaging. These walls are created for up to a minute, after which the spell dissipates.[1]


A rod of Malrion radiates evocation magic.[2]