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Rob McCreary
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Homepage Cerulean Eyes
Position Assistant Editor
2008 RPG Superstar Top 4
Freelance contributor

Rob McCreary was born in Japan and raised in the United States. He started gaming when the red Basic D&D boxed set came out. Until October 2009, Rob lived in Prague, Czech Republic, where he taught English by day and freelanced by night. Rob made it to the Top 4 in RPG Superstar 2008 with a combination of coin belts, ziggurat-filled jungles, and monkey-goblins. As a freelancer, he contributed to the Campaign Setting, several Pathfinder Bestiaries, and Dungeon Denizens Revisited. Rob's first cover credit was the final installment of the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, The Final Wish. In October 2009, Rob was hired by Paizo as an Assistant Editor and began in November of that year.

Pathfinder credits[]

Title Date Volume (Page)
Bestiary 14"Bestiary" #14 0810October 2008 PF14 (78)
Bestiary 15"Bestiary" #15 0810October 2008 PF15 (80)
Bestiary 20"Bestiary" #20 0903March 2009 PF20 (78)
Bestiary 24"Bestiary" #24 0907July 2009 PF24 (74)
Bestiary 32"Bestiary" #32 1004April 2010 PF32 (78)
Campaign Setting 0808August 2008 CS
Final Wish"The Final Wish" 0907July 2009 PF24 (6)
Flesh golem"Flesh Golem" 1001January 2010 CHR (10)
Gargoyle"Gargoyle" 1001January 2010 CHR (16)
Gelatinous Cube"Gelatinous Cube" 0905May 2009 DDR (16)
Hag"Hag" 1001January 2010 CHR (34)
Ilizmagorti"Ilizmagorti" 0911November 2009 CoG (24)
NPC Guide 1003March 2010 NPC
"Rivers Run Red" 1004April 2010 PF32 (6)
Voice in the Void 0910October 2009 PFS35
Walking dead"Walking Dead" 1001January 2010 CHR (52)
Werewolf"Werewolf" 1001January 2010 CHR (58)
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