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General Reginald Cormoth
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human
Class Paladin 12
Gender Male
Homeland Andoran
Deity Iomedae
Organization Eagle Knights
Born 4656 AR

Source: Faction Guide, pg(s). 16

General Reginald Cormoth is the commander of the Eagle Knights of Andoran. He also serves as the Lord of the Guardian Tower of the Golden Aerie, in the city of Almas, and has the nickname of "The Old Man". He has a knack for strategy and tactics. It is rumored that he either is or was once a member of the Twilight Talons. He is not against bending rules to get the desired result. He smokes tobacco leaves, and enjoys going undercover to surprise those under him who are lax at their positions.[1][2]


Born in 4656 AR in Claes, the general trained in the academies of the Augustana, going into the Navy. He was inducted as an Eagle Knight after his actions to destroy Taldan slave galleries. He is a member of Andoran's ruling body, the People's Council, where he serves as one of 30 Consuls.[2][1]

Military history[]

As Lord Captain Commander, Cormoth strove to diversify the skills and abilities of the Eagle Knights, allowing them to participate in a greater variety of missions.[2]

  • 4689 AR - Elected Consul[2]
  • 4694 AR - Elected Executive Consul and Lord Captain Commander of the Eagle Knights.[2]