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Type Fey
CR 6
Environment any

Source: Pathfinder 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg(s). 80-81

Redcaps are vicious little fey that relish the pain and suffering of other creatures. They are an embodiment of the savage, merciless side of nature. They love nothing more than cutting creatures down to size with their over-sized scythes, mushing them to paste beneath their iron-shod boots, then soaking their caps in the bloody mess that remains.


Redcaps look like small, wrinkled old men with over-sized hands and feet and huge bat-like ears. Their faces look utterly hateful topped off with small red hats. Originally white, their headwear is completely soaked in blood, sometimes dripping onto the redcap's face. All redcaps carry over-sized scythes, normally bigger even than their entire body. They also wear distinctive iron boots covered with spikes. They love nothing more than reducing a big 'un (as they call humanoids) to their height through cunning traps or their vicious scythes, after which they stomp their victim into a bloodied pulp.[1]

Habitat & Ecology[]

Redcaps embody the the most merciless and unpleasant aspects of nature. As such they often do not get along well with other fey. A redcap generally shows other fey a certain minimal amount of courtesy but are not friendly to them, particularly to fey that do not fight like nymphs and dryads as they consider them too delicate or flowery. Despite this dislike redcaps often serve as mercenaries to other less violent fey. Redcaps prefer to dwell in hills though they can be found in other types of terrain from underground to mountains. They are also often found in abandoned buildings vacated after some great tragedy. They seem to be drawn to the sense of doom that pervades these buildings.

While Redcaps are vicious hunters they are not very fond of eating flesh. They prefer to drink the blood of their victims or to suck the marrow from their bones. The main reason redcaps hunt is to keep their caps soaking in blood. Redcaps believe that if their caps are not kept constantly soaked deep red then the redcap will sicken and die. While there is little evidence of this, the redcaps believe it unquestioningly. They are so protective of their caps that some of them even sew their caps onto their scalps.[2]


Boot Stomp 
Redcaps can use their heavy iron boots to stomp on their opponents.
Heavy Weapon 
Redcaps can wield weapons far larger than themselves due to their powerful strength.
Red Cap 
Redcaps gain bonuses whenever they are wearing their trademark caps.[1]