Red Raven
Red Raven
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 5
Gender Male

Source: W3: Flight of the Red Raven, pg(s). 22

The Red Raven, named for his famous tattered red cape that he wears during every one of his thefts, is renowned throughout Galt for his high profile heists. Some view him as nothing more than a rebel while to many he is an egalitarian folk hero.


While engaged in his capers, Red Raven is always dressed flamboyantly, with his signature tattered red cloak (the appearance of which belies its magical nature). His appearance when not committing crimes is less dramatic, preferring instead to lead a more frugal life.[1]


Aric, the Red Raven's actual name, began his thieving career long before the Red Raven became a cult hero. He found the red cape that he would become so famous for in a wizards rubbish in the town of Woodsedge. The cape has saved his life more than once and now the reputation of the Red Raven outstrips Aric's abilities as a thief. Now the Red Raven mainly commits daring, high profile thefts against the wealthy that help his image as a hero of the downtrodden common people. The folktales paint a picture of the Red Raven as a criminal who strikes only against arrogant nobles and corrupt merchants. In real life he is not so concerned about corruption as he is money. Often his crimes, rather than helping the downtrodden, only serve to increase tensions between the rich and the poor.[1]