The reaper's mask is related in construction and design to both the stalker's mask and the skinsaw mask. Like the others it is used for the infamous Skinsaw Cult, and is made of human skin sewn together roughly with thread in the shape of a spiral. Its magical abilities are almost identical to that of the skinsaw mask. A wearer will be bombarded by extremely aggressive mental whispers, urging him to violence and debauchery. He or she will become increasingly sensitive to fear in others, able to detect changes in the heartbeat rate of those nearby. Ciculatory systems will appear as bright red, coursing channels within the body, allowing the user to inflict more devastating wounds. Over time, use of a reaper's mask will leave permanent mental scarring on the wearer as his or her thoughts become increasingly polluted with thoughts of murder and violence. A secondary ability of the mask is to allow the wearer to cast a confusion spell once a day.


A reaper's mask radiates enchantment magic.