Titles The Shadowed Eye of Solku
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Shir
Gender Unknown
Homeland Solku, Katapesh

Source: The Jackal's Price, pg(s). 79

The Shir Rantisiz is better known by the title given to it in local urban legends "The Shadowed Eye of Solku". Rantisiz has served as the assassin of the nefarious Solku poison dealer Aqsarm for over fifteen years now and has wiped out many of Aqsarm's rivals in the cut throat business of poison (and other contraband) selling. There are only a few people who know of the poison dealers control over the powerful Div but Aqsarm is quite happy to hire out his bound killer to those willing to pay his exorbitant prices, while everyone else simply fears the silent death that is known as the Shadowed Eye of Solku.[1]