Rajput Ambari
Type Undead
CR 7
Environment warm forests

Source: Pathfinder 9: Escape from Old Korvosa, pg(s). 84-85

Rajput Ambari are the remains of huge Vundran elephants that are reanimated to serve as fell mounts and tireless beasts of burden for any necromancer powerful enough to create them.


Rajput ambari are the shambling, reanimated skeleton of an elephant and make no effort to hide their undead nature. Their ancient bones are normally worn from age although some still have grey dessicated shreds of flesh hanging from the skeleton. Their actually height depends on the variety of elephant used to create the rajput ambari. Usually these are Vundran elephants which typically stand about sixteen feet high while those rare few created from Mwangi elephants stand nearer to twenty feet. Many rajput ambari from Vundra still have their now tattered finery hanging from their backs as a rotting remind of the high place elephants hold in Vundran society.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

As mindless undead the rajput ambari are found where ever there masters need them. As unnatural beasts they have no natural habitat, with one exception. It seems that rajput ambari are left with a fragment of their memory intact and when left master-less there are reports that they wonder back to where they were first captured and attempt a shambolic imitation of their former lives much to the horror of any nearby living elephants. As a mindless undead composed only of aging bones there is little really that can be said of their ecology. Their size determined by the type of elephant used to create them but recently there have been reports of rajput ambari created from other creature like mammoths and mastodons in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Interestingly unlike most undead the origin of the rajput ambari is well known and relatively recent. The first rajput ambari were created in 4465 AR by a Vundran necromancer priest called Rajput Shivji Shashibhushan. A vile sorcerer Shashibhushan wanted labour that did not need to eat or sleep. He set his sights upon the elephant graveyard of Ajitash Valley and soon had raised a vast workforce of undead elephants to help him build his Palace of Ivory and Bone.[1][2]


War Stomp 
The mighty stamp of a rajput ambari can knock its foes prone with its sheer power.
Undead Servitor 
Shashibhushan, knowing that he would not be able to command all of his creation made rajput ambari very easy to control so his followers could command them.[1]