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Alignment Lawful good
Portfolio Chivalry, duty, vengeance
Cleric Alignments
Domains Destruction, Good, Law, Nobility
Favored Weapon Bastard sword

Ragathiel (pronounced rah-GATH-ee-el)[1] is an empyreal lord, a good servant of the gods who through transcendence has achieved some small measure of divine power. He is depicted as a great five-winged being who leads a legion of history's greatest spirits into battle.[2] He makes his home at the base of the mountain of Heaven, in his eponymous fortress.[3]


As strange as it may seem, Ragathiel is the son of Feronia, a demigoddess of the Plane of Fire and Dispater, the Father of Dis. He was conceived in a brief tryst (lasting only a few centuries), after which his mother took him out of Hell.[4]

Ragathiel was once served by the Hand of the Inheritor, an angel who now acts as the goddess Iomedae's herald. Then known as the Hand of Vengeance, this angel asked to be reassigned after the death of Aroden.[5]


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