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Following shortly behind the popular GameMastery Module Open Call contest in 2007, Paizo announced that it would be holding an even larger contest which would involve six rounds of competition and allow for fan voting entitled RPG Superstar.[1] Specific challenges included designing a wondrous item, a country, a villain, three thematically linked monsters, an encounter, and finally an adventure synopsis.

From October 31, 2007 to February 11, 2008, judges Wolfgang Baur, Erik Mona, and Clark Peterson narrowed a field of over 850 contestants down to the Top 32, 16, 8, and 4 before the final winner was announced.

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Results Edit



Cover of the winning adventure, Christine Schneider's Clash of the Kingslayers

On February 20, 2008, Paizo announced that Christine Schneider was the winner of the contest and her adventure, Clash of the Kingslayers, was published in January 2009.[2]

Top 4Edit

The Top 4 contestants were announced on January 30, 2008. Each entrant submitted an adventure proposal for public voting to determine the winner of the contest.[3]

Clinton Boomer Rob McCreary Jason Nelson

Top 6Edit

Round Four called for the Top 8 to design three thematically linked monsters. Six RPG Superstar contestants were selected by the voting public to move on to the penultimate round of RPG Superstar. The voting public seemed willing to follow the lead of the judges this round and voted out the two contestants that received the lowest overall scores from Erik Mona, Clark Peterson, and Wolfgang Baur.[4]

Joe Outzen Russ Taylor

Top 8Edit

Paizo Publishing announced on January 3, 2008 the eight RPG Superstar contestants who were selected by the voting public to move on to Round Four. This round focused on the creation and design of a unique character to fill the role of villain in any campaign.[5]

Neil McClean Joseph Yerger

Top 16Edit

The 16 RPG Superstar contestants who were selected by the voting public to move on to round three were announced on December 12, 2007. After reading the recommendations of the judges, the Paizo messageboard community decided by vote which entrants would advance to the next round. It was a close race with the 17th finalist missing the top 16 by just a handful of votes.[6]

Erik Anderson Hal Maclean
Andrew Black Alexander MacLeod
Samuel Kisko William McNulty
James MacKenzie Walter Pullen

Top 32Edit

For the initial open call, more than 850 entrants submitted a wondrous item using the 3.5 SRD. Each entry needed to be 200 words or less and had to include proper mechanics and flavor. From this pool, the Top 32 finalists were selected to write a 1,000-word description of a fantasy nation covering that nation's people, history, geography, government and hidden secrets. [7]

Jeb Boyt Robert McRae
Ross Byers Dwayne Monroe
William Cronk Daniele Nanni
Laurens de Haan Chris Nichols
Chad Patterson Mauricio Quintana
Joel Flank Michael Raper
Alex Handley Rennie Saunders
Michael Kogan Viktor Svindland
Silas McDermott

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