Nation Nex
Population 60,000

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 109

Quantium (a port city on the Obari Ocean) is the capital of the nation of Nex. The city prides itself on its diversity; xenophobia is frowned upon. The city has many palaces, hanging gardens, open-air mazes and also several reputable universities of arcane magic. The city's magnificence has been compared with Oppara in Taldor and Sothis in Osirion.

The city's central parade ground is known as the Warlock's Walk. Its centerpiece is a massive marble fountain. Two huge iron golems, one green and one red, silently circle the fountain, as they have done continually since the time of the archmage Nex. There are many statues of the archmage and the heroes who helped him forge the kingdom that still bears his name.

Another landmark is the impressive Bandeshar, one time palace of the archmage but now the meeting place of the Council of Three and Nine. Its lower dungeons contain an entrance to the Refuge of Nex, believed to be the location of the vanished archmage Nex.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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