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The demons were not the first inhabitants of the Abyss. In the earliest pre-history of the Great Beyond, before humanity rose from barbarism, before Asmodeus created Hell, before the gods even began to pay attention to the world of Golarion, the Abyss was populated by the primordial qlippoth.[1] These beings were born from the essence of the Abyss itself; inhuman monstrosities of pure chaos and malice.[2]

Origins of the Qlippoth[]

According to the proteans, the first inhabitants of the Outer Sphere, the qlippoth already existed when the Abyss first opened to the rest of the Great Beyond. Upon discovering them, the proteans became intensely interested in the qlippoth, eventually leading to a mighty war which would spread out of the Abyss into the Maelstrom itself. This conflict distracted the chaotic proteans to such a degree, that order began to assert itself throughout the Great Beyond, leading to the formation of the other outer planes.[3]

Birth of demonkind[]

The first demons were created by a forgotten daemon lord, by fusing evil mortal souls with the bodies of the qlippoth. This process started a chain reaction, drawing more and more corrupted spirits from the Material Plane until, eons later, demonkind became the dominant race of the Abyss. The qlippoth slunk away into the darkest corners of their former realms, largely forgotten by the rest of existence.[1][4]

Qlippoth demon lords[]

Eventually, a few powerful qlippoth became jealous of the demons' power, and sought to also transform themselves. By fusing mortal souls to their antediluvian bodies, they became demon lords. They exist to this day, and are generally the least anthropomorphic of their brethren. They include the demon lords Cyth-V'sug, Dagon, Jubilex, Mazmezz, and Zevgavizeb.[1]