Type Fey
CR 1/2
Environment Tropical hills

Source: Pathfinder 19: Howl of the Carrion King, pg(s). 83-84

Detestable little fey loathed by nearly ever other creature including their fellow fairy folk Pugwampis are commonly known as "jackal rats" and are beacons of bad luck and misfortune.


Pugwampis look like some sort of horrid, rabid little lapdog that has mastered walking gracelessly on its hind legs. Their face look somewhere between jackal and hyena with milky white eyes. Pugwampis stand less than two feet tall and weigh barely over ten pounds. They clothe themselves in dirty tattered rags and wield daggers and vicious knives that are nearly as large as they are.[1][2]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Pugwampis prefer warm environment but their favored location for a lair is near a natural hazard of some sort. They often lair near rickety bridge, treacherous cliffs or other such dangerous places and then they let their aura of bad luck wreck havoc on those who try to pass by. They rarely fight unless they can imperil their opponents using their opponents misfortune to their advantage.[1] Sometimes when larger swarms of pugwampis gather they build underground cities rather than small lairs, several of these pugwampi 'cities' are rumored to exist beneath the Brazen Peaks of northern Katapesh.[3]

Pugwampis are probably some of the most loathed creatures on the face of Golarion and unlike many other hated creatures they do not have the power or strength to make them feared or respected, even other gremlins loathe pugwampis. Pugwampis, in turn, seem to delight in the misfortune and misery of all other creatures. The only exception to this are gnolls who pugwampis greatly admire for their similar appearance, their size and their warrior stature. Gnolls on the other hand despise pugwampis more passionately than any other creature viewing them as disgusting, fawning sycophants.[2]


Pugwampis draw misfortune and ill-luck like a lightening rod cursing those around them to suffer bad luck much to the pugwampi's amusement.[1]