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Psionics are a type of power capable of manipulating reality in a similar manner as magic. Many of the arcane and divine spellcasters on Golarion look down on psionics and treat it with suspicion, fear, and even hatred.

On Golarion psionics are much rarer than magic however there are places in the world where one can find psionics being practiced in large quanities.

In the land of Vudra, where the idea of mind over matter is much stronger than other part of the world, psionics is treated with much more respect.

Underground within the Darklands there are races that have tapped into the power of psionics as well. The psionic races include the aboleth, neothelid, and the intellect devourer.

Within Golarion's solar system the world of Castrovel have several creatures capable of manifesting ranging from plants to the intelligent races.[1]

Among the surface races of Golarion the half-elf is among the most likely to be able manifest psionic abilities.[2]


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