Protean Lord
Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)
CR high, usually 20+
Environment Maelstrom

A protean lord is the most powerful type of protean, possessing powers on the level of those of a demon lord. Most protean lords shift shapes wildly and frequently, so none know their true form. They spend their time reshaping and destroying vast realms within the Maelstrom, watching the gods, and furthering the downfall of the powers of Law.[1]

Known protean lordsEdit

Ssila’meshnik, the Colorless Lord: Appearing as an albino keketar protean with an intertwined trio of crowns, Ssila'meshnik is prone to appearing without warning in the court of Pharasma to arbitrate certain cases.

Il’surrish the Wanderer: This insubstantial protean lord often appears in the form of a cloud of partially coalescent light. If Il'surrish needs a corporeal body it may fashion one from the Maelstrom or it may possess a nearby creature, causing them to glow with cerulean light.

Narriseminek the Crownless, The Maker of Kings: Narriseminek usually appears as a protean with a scar or burn mark on his head. He typically appears when a protean is ascending to a higher caste, or when a keketar is about to receive a philosophy-changing vision.[1]

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