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Prophecies of Kalistrade
Prophecies of the Kalistrade.jpg
Type Religious
Alignment Lawful neutral
Headquarters Kerse, Druma
Goals Amassing personal wealth
Scope Regional (Inner Sea)
Members Merchants and tradesmen

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 177

A Prophet of Kalistrade.

The Prophecies of Kalistrade are a series of dream-records of an eccentric mystic from the early days of the Age of Enthronement which stress the benefits of a strict regimen of self-denial. Believers adorn themselves exclusively in white robes and wear full-length gloves to prevent contact with those who do not also follow the philosophy. Additionally, they practice sexual and dietary prohibitions. Followers of the Prophesies believe that their sacrifices will bring them personal wealth and success later in life, and that those who do not achieve such greatness have broken one of the many teachings of the philosophy.

Unlike followers of deistic faiths, practitioners of the Prophecies of Kalistrade seem to be unaffected by the death of Aroden, seeing this as proof that their way of life is superior. To them, Aroden's death is evidence that gods can die, while traditions and ways of thinking can not be killed. And in a way, they might be correct, as the continual economic expansion of Druma speaks to the successes of their way of life.

New members are always welcomed into the fold, and no racial, gender, or financial barriers stand in the way of anyone beginning their walk down the straight and narrow path to enlightenment. If one can adhere to the philosophy’s strictures and thus amass personal wealth, they are welcome in the Kalistrade, and by extension, the nation of Druma.[1]