The so-called Promised Land is a floating island exists on Avernus, constantly shrouded in mist and cloud as it drifts across the infernal plane.

Although at a distance the Promised Land appears to be a natural paradise, arrivals quickly realise the twisted nature of the island. Animals and plants alike are horribly deformed, rivers and forests possess a vicious hunger, and the white gowned inhabitants would scream in horror if they still possessed mouths. The land itself is a roiling mass of worms that constantly spill to the land below.[1]

The most notable landmark is the Penitent Cross, a bleeding willow tree at the heart of the Promised Land. The vitality-sapped victims of Barbatos hang from the branches of this enormous tree, a punishment for those who fail in service to the plane's dark master.

The Promised land is the personal home to the master of Avernus, the Archdevil Barbatos. [2]


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