Precipice Quarter
Nation Absalom
Size Absalom city district
Government conventional (district council)

Source: Guide to Absalom

What is today called the Precipice Quarter was once Absalom's Beldrin's Bluff, a quaint and quiet neighborhood featuring tea shops, minor governmental buildings and a few pleasure houses. In 4698 AR Beldrin's Bluff ceased to exist when a massive earthquake shook the city, shearing off a large chunk of the bluff on which the district stood, sending earth, structures and citizens plummeting into the sea. What remains are a precariously crumbling cliffside and the ruins of both the district's infrastructure and the lives of its inhabitants. Law-abiding citizens now steer clear of this part of the city both because of its current population of criminals and because of the persistent rumors of strange hauntings in the ruins of the once idyllic neighborhood.[1]