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Featured deity
Cayden Cailean holy symbol.jpg
Cayden Cailean never planned to become a god. One night, though, a drunk friend suggested he take the Test of the Starstone. As he was equally drunk, Cayden failed to consider that only two people, Aroden and Norgorber, had passed the Test prior to that point and agreed. When he returned several days later, to everyone's surprise, he had attained divinity.

The majority of those who follow Cayden Cailean are simple people who seek simple pleasures in life. Those who brew and sell alcoholic drink often revere the Drunken Hero, as do those who partake of such fare. Adventurers seeking to promote goodness often find a sense of kinship with the deity, their goals of freedom and adventure mirroring those of the god of bravery.

Cayden Cailean's clergy is comprised primarily of clerics, though a smattering of druids and bards can also be counted amongst their number. The church favors a loose hierarchy, in those rare instances where such a structure even exists, and priests are free to spread the ideals of their faith as they see fit; the priests of the Lucky Drunk can often be found as barkeeps, freedom fighters, or as adventurers traveling alone or as part of a group. Matters of ceremony and high society are often held as secondary considerations to such individuals, and the clergy reflects this by limiting its formal dress to a simple brown tunic or robe and a red stole bearing the holy symbol of its patron. (more)