Geography of Golarion
Although the main focus of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting is undoubtedly the Inner Sea region of Golarion, you can explore any of the other charted continents on this fascinating planet. Dive into the exciting world using the comprehensive collection of articles here.
The Inner Sea Region of Golarion
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Other Continents
In addition to the Inner Sea region, other continents on the planet Golarion have been traveled and populated.
The lush island continent which gives the Arcadian Ocean its name.
The remnants of the birthplace of human civilization, now mostly sunk beneath the sea.
The largest continent on the planet.
Crown of the World 
The ice-covered landmass at the top of the world.
The smallest and least traveled of Golarion's continents.
Tian Xia 
The oriental continent to the east of the Arcadian Ocean.

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