Pathfinder Fiction
Fiction, both in the form of serialized stories and novels provide a deeply rich background material for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. They tell tales about every aspect of the culture and peoples of the world.
There are various ways of viewing the entire collection of Pathfinder fiction:
Pathfinder's Journal
The monthly Pathfinder's Journal series appearing in Pathfinder Adventure Path provides a varied array of serialized adventures by a number of authors.

Pathfinder's Journal  · Dark Tapestry  · Hell's Pawns  · Prodigal Sons  · Plague of Light

The Pathfinder Tales line of mass market novels is schedules to kick off in August 2010 and boasts projects by some of gaming fiction's most acclaimed authors.

Prince of Wolves  · Winter Witch  · Plague of Shadows  · The Worldwound Gambit

Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction
The weekly Pathfinder Tales web fiction series appears free on Each week's entry (updated on Wednesdays) presents a chapter in an ongoing serialized short story by some of the industry's most respected authors and often feature the same characters appearing in the Pathfinder Tales novel line.

"The Lost Pathfinder"  · "Noble Sacrifice"  · "Blood Crimes"  · "Certainty"  · "Swamp Warden"  · "The Secret of the Rose and Glove"