Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
CR CR 10
Environment The nine hells

Source: Crown of Fangs, pg(s). 86-87

Phistophilus devils serve Hell's bureaucracy as clerks, scribes and when given the opportunity bargainers for mortal souls. While phistophilus' role as clerks and scribes may not make them fearsome combatants, their abilities to ensnare souls through infernal pacts makes them fearsome foes in less confrontational situations.


A phisophilus has a human appearance, appearing as a muscular but not bulky man with flesh the color of flaking rust that stands as tall as an average human. It has a short black goatee and long black hair which is surrounded by a crown-like ring of horns that grow out of its forehead. The most non-human aspect of a phistophilus is the huge curving black horns that grow from its back and curve around towards its front. The phistophilus has several of these horns and each is draped with scrolls bearing infernal contracts covered in diabolical writing.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Phistophili fill a very distinct niche in Hell's infernal bureaucracy. They are hell's clerks and scribes and as such they are rarely found outside the courts of Hell's rulers. They are particularly common in The Fallen Fastness on Dis, this is the library where all of the infernal oaths and laws are recorded and kept. Phistophili can sometimes be found on the Material Plane as they are infrequently summoned. They are normally summoned because of their ability to create infernal contracts which can grant their recipient incredible power but the price is normally one only the most evil of creature would be willing to pay.[2]


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While grappling with an opponent the phistophilus can impale his opponent on his horns.
Infernal Contract
In exchange for a recipient's mortal soul, a phistophilus can create an infernal contract that grants the recipient various benefits like a devil servitor or wishes.
Infernal Investment
A phistophilus can scry on any creature with which it has an infernal contract.
Summon Devil
Like many devils, a phistophilus can summon other devils to aid it, either several bearded devils or a bone devil.[1][2]


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