The Pediment Building is Magnimar's primary court and its only prison as beneath the building lies a prison known to all Magnimar as "The Hells". The Pediment Building is located atop the wealthy Summit region in the Capital District near the Usher's Hall. The building itself is large and intimidating, its vast exterior topped with imposing architecture and scowling gargoyles. Its inhabitants are scarcely less intimidating, the stern faced judges of Magnimar's Justice Court. Beneath the building is the city's only prison, The Hells. Amongst its claustrophobic corridors the worst of Magnimar's criminal rot in a place where sunlight never reaches. Few know just how deep down the Hells really goes and there are rumours that the city guard no longer control the lowest levels. These rumour claim that there was some sort of uprising and the guards lost control so they sealed off the lowest levels leaving the worst of the cities criminals to fend for themselves.[1]