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Peacock Spirit
Portfolio Mind, body, soul
Worshipers Mages, scholars, aesthetics

The mysterious god known only as the Peacock Spirit had much to do with the rise of the empire of Thassilon. A god/godess of indeterminate gender, it was worshiped by scholars and researchers of rune magic. Its symbols adorned the thrones of the early emperors.[1]

Church of the Peacock Spirit[]

The Peacock Spirit was known to be a religion of mystery. Even in its prime little of its dogma was understood by those outside the church, and so even less can be inferred by modern scholars.[1]

The Peacock Spirit was served by an ascetic order of monks, many of whom built monasteries on the Storval Plateau in the ancient domain of Shalast.[2] One of the few of such structures to have survived to the present is the Black Tower, now part of the stone giant enclave of Jorgenfist.[3] It was built and run by a group known as the Therassic Order.[4] The only other known surviving temples are said to be located in the mythical city of Xin-Shalast, somewhere in the Kodar Mountains[5]. The Peacock Spirit also sponsored an order of knights known as the Order of the Green Feather.[1]

Holy Texts & Artifacts[]

Emerald Codex of the Therassic Order
A collection of spells and rituals devoted to the Peacock Spirit, penned by the Therassic Order.
Revelation Quill
Created by worshipers of the god/goddess from a peacock feather, this quill is said to still be tied to the power of the Peacock Spirit. When properly used it can answer questions posed to it, leading some to believe that the thassilonian deity might not be completely dead.


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