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Titles King of the Wind Demons, Demon Lord of Winged Creatures and the Sky
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio winged creatures
the sky
Cleric Alignments
Domains Air, Chaos, Evil
Favored Weapon Long sword

The demon lord Pazuzu (pronounced pah-ZOO-zoo)[1] has claimed for himself the title of King of the Wind Demons and few dare dispute it.


Pazuzu has the body of a thin and wiry man with several monstrous additions. These include having the legs and flesh-rending talons of a predatory bird, two sets of majestic eagle wings that sprout from his back, a ferociously evil-looking avian head, and a poisonous snake in place of his genitals (although he has sometimes been depicted with a scorpion's stinger instead).[2]


Unlike most other demon lords who work their evil on the world through cultists and demonic minions, Pazuzu is fond of taking direct action on the Material Plane. His favoured method of influencing the mortal world is through possession. It is said that just saying Pazuzu's name is enough to invite the demon lord's unfriendly attention. Through possession, Pazuzu has shaped many terrible events in the world, from huge calamities, like the formation of the Worldwound, to more minor atrocities, such as the recent Chopper murders in the Varisian town of Sandpoint.[2]

Cult & Worshipers[]

Pazuzu has declared himself the King of Wind Demons and patron of all that is evil and flies. While this is a grandiose claim, it is far from unfounded arrogance. Pazuzu is worshiped by a wide variety of evil flying creatures, his most fervent followers are the vrock demons, harpies, and the kuchrima lamia[2]—though these also pay worship to the demon lord Nocticula. While he has no specific doctrine or edict for his followers, Pazuzu's cults are nonetheless present across the world, if only in the shadows. Pazuzu is in constant conflict with the more popular, full-fledged demon goddess Lamashtu. This feud has been going on for eons, since before Lamashtu's ascension to godhood when she was just another demon lord. Pazuzu also covets Lamashtu's position as goddess of beasts and desperately wishes to usurp her dominion over them.[3]


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